Facilities and Manufacturing Processes
  Engineering and Press Forming Simulation
  Tool and Die Design
  Pattern Making
  CAD Programming and tool build
  CNC Machining
  Laser Cell
  Construction and tool try-out
  Die buy off
  Component Supply
  Shipment and commissioning
Reference Parts / Parts Library / Project History
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Whiston Industries Ltd celebrates its first 50 years of toolmaking
(1963 -2013)

Whiston Industries is the UK's number one press tool manufacturer and subcontract machining specialist, supplying the worldwide automotive, aerospace, medical, energy and marine industries.

 -  Press Tools

 -  Toolmakers

 -  Heavy Engineering

 -  Presswork

 -  Milling 3 Axis

 -  Milling 5 Axis

 -  CNC Milling

 -  CNC Machining

 -  Toolmaking

 -  Press Tool

 -  Transfer Dies

 -  Progressive Dies

 -  Stamping Tool & Die

 -  Subcontract Machining

 -  Tool Repair & Die
    Change Service

 -  CAD, CAM, CAE, CAx

Whiston Industries is fully integrated into the KVS data exchange system

 -  Automotive

 -  Aerospace

 -  Marine

 -  Rail

 -  Medical

 -  Energy

 -  Architecture

 -  Engineering Industries


Whiston Industries Ltd