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Mini Clubman Blanking Die Programme

Manufacture of 6 blanking dies to produce precision blanks to utilise in a tailor welded blanking process.

Club Door Blank A Club Door Blank B

1200mm Coil Width | 610mm Pitch
DX56 1.2mm  |  5kg 
1056mm Coil Width | 377mm Pitch
DX56 2.0mm  |  4kg  
LH Bodyside Blank A LH Bodyside Blank B

1515mm Coil Width | 731mm Pitch
H220YD 1.6mm  |  10kg  
1680mm Coil Width | 1534mm Pitch
H180BD 1.2mm  |  17kg 
RH Bodyside Blank A RH Bodyside Blank C

1533mm Coil Width | 2428mm Pitch
H220YD 1.6mm  |  32kg    
870mm Coil Width | 542mm Pitch
DX54D 0.7mm  |  2kg     


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