Facilities and Manufacturing Processes
  Engineering and Press Forming Simulation
  Tool and Die Design
  Pattern Making
  CAD Programming and tool build
  CNC Machining
  Laser Cell
  Construction and tool try-out
  Die buy off
  Component Supply
  Shipment and commissioning
Reference Parts / Parts Library / Project History
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Parts capability

Offering tooling for the full range of automotive body in white components including major structural, chassis and class A skin panels for both low volume and high production requirements. Experience in all materials especially high strength steel and aluminium components.

Past Project Samples/Reference Parts:
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Aluminium Projects
>> Aston Martin V12 Vantage - Aluminium Bonnet
>> Jaguar XFR - Aluminium Bonnet
>> Freightliner Trucks - Aluminium Skin Panel
>> Jaguar XJ - Aluminium Front Fender Skin Panel
>> Jaguar XK - All Aluminium
>> Rolls Royce Fender - Aluminium
>> Chrysler Electric Vehicle - Aluminium Battery Tray

High Strength Steel Projects
>> Land Rover - Freelander 2 - Dual Phase Panel
>> Chrysler - Dual Phase Rear Rails
>> Mercedes ML & R Class - High Strength Steel
>> MG Rover 25/45/ZR/ZT - Intrusion Beams

Conventional Steel Projects
>> Bentley Mulsanne - Overview
>> Bentley Mulsanne - A-Class Skin Panels
>> Bentley Mulsanne - Structual Panels
>> BMW Z4 - Front End Module
>> BMW Z4 - Rear End Module
>> Honda Motorcyles - Fuel Tanks
>> School Bus Roof Panels - Deep Drawing Steel
>> Jaguar XF - Steel - Skin Panels & High Strength Steel
>> London Taxis TX4 - Steel Skin Panel
>> Land Rover Freelander 2 - Steel
>> Honda Accord - Roof Reinforcer
>> Rover RDX60 Project
>> Honda Pilot - Roof Stiffener Panel
>> Ford Trucks - Chassis Components
>> Rover 25 - Tailgate
>> Caterpillar Excavator - 3in1 Counterweight Tooling

Blanking Die Projects
>> Mini Clubman - Blanking Die Programme
>> Mercedes-Benz ML Class - Blanking Die Programme
>> Mercedes-Benz R Class - Blanking Die Programme

Stainless Steel Projects
>> Body Scanner End Caps
>> Bentley GTC - Brightware


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